Pop open the champagne bottle like a pro and welcome 2018

Yes, there is science to opening a champagne bottle, but it is not rocket science.

In fact, if you follow these few simple guidelines by Seth Eidemiller, general manager at Casbah in Shadyside, you can pop open the bottle of bubbly like a pro. Champagne is best served at between 45 and 48 degrees, so first be sure to chill the bottle for several hours in the refrigerator.

1. Peel away the foil on the neck of the bottle. Remove the wire cage that holds the cork in place by twisting it six times counterclockwise while keeping your thumb over it. You'll feel the cork loosen a bit as you go.

2. Grasp the wine bottle with your dominant hand and drape a kitchen towel or napkin over the top of the bottle with your other hand. (This will allow you to hold it securely.) You should feel the bump of the cork under your fingers.

3. Holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle, with it pointing away from you and your company, slowly twist the bottle away from the cork, rather than the other way around. As the bottle turns, the cork will slowly slide out. It should hardly make any noise when it releases.

4. Allow the bottle to settle for a few seconds before pouring. This allows the gas to escape and stops the wine from foaming up. Never ever shake the bottle so you can spray the wine on guests.

5. To serve, pour the sparkling wine gently along the interior side of flute glasses. This will preserve the bubbles.

6. Toast to 2018.


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