Long John Silver's to offer free fried Twinkies

Summer solstice often is a good excuse for family and friends to gather and celebrate the longest day of the year with great food and plenty of libations.

Fast-food restaurant chain Long John Silver’s also is planning a celebration on June 21, with a free sugar rush of a dessert after your fried fish dinner. On the first day of summer, participating Pittsburgh locations will offer each guest a deep-fried Twinkie on the house. Limit is one per customer while supplies last. 

A state fair rite of passage, deep-fried Twinkies first made headlines in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2002, when ChipShop owner and British ex-pat Christopher Sell added them to the menu. Today, everything from Oreos to Jell-O and butter are battered and fried at carnivals, festivals and fairs. But back then, it was a novel idea to freeze the iconic golden, vanilla cream-filled sponge cakes first made by the Continental Baking Co. in 1930, dip them in batter and then deep-fry the cakes to a crispy, golden crunch. 

Even today’s maker Hostess has gotten in on the act, Last August, it debuted frozen Deep Fried Twinkies in two flavors to make at home: chocolate and original golden.

‘We are so excited about this new product that we wanted to make sure everyone in Pittsburgh got a chance to try one,” said LJS marketing vice president Stephanie Mattingly in a release. 

Pittsburgh and St. Louis have been chosen as the test markets for the deep-fried Twinkies.

And if you miss your chance to sample the fried treat for free? It will be a dessert option through July 23 for 99 cents. 

Gretchen McKay: gmckay@post-gazette.com, 412-263-1419 or on Twitter @gtmckay.


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