Conflict Kitchen to close Oakland location

Conflict Kitchen on Thursday night announced it will close its shop after seven years in Oakland at the end of May.

The restaurant serves food from nations in which the United States is in conflict and provides a forum for dialogue at its Schenley Plaza location. 

Conflict Kitchen described the closure of its brick-and-mortar shop as “a new phase in the life of the project.” The last day for the restaurant will be May 31.

“Although we will no longer be based in Schenley Plaza, Conflict Kitchen will continue to expand our educational initiatives throughout the greater Pittsburgh region with the production of curriculum, performances, public events and publications with cultural institutions, community organizations and schools,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post.

Conflict Kitchen was connected to a research center at Carnegie Mellon University, and had been funded mostly by customers and donations.

The post notes that CMU “will no longer provide administrative support for the restaurant, though it will continue to maintain administrative assistance for our creative and programmatic activities.”



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