Gluten-free brewer moves down river

Another new business in Emsworth, and one of interest to the celiac aware, is the Aurochs Brewing Co., makers and will-be-sellers of gluten-free beer.

Founded in 2012, the start-up arose from Carnegie Mellon University and recently was one of six picked to share $300,000 in early-stage financing from CMU's Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund.

At the end of December, Aurochs moved from the Strip District to the former Jim Davis Auto Body at 8321 Ohio River Blvd. Co-founder Ryan Bove says that while the Strip location could only hold a nanobrewery, the new one can accommodate a 10- to 15-barrel system.

But the location change meant resubmitting all the paperwork for state and federal licensing, which Mr. Bove believes could come through this spring. "An optimistic time frame is March but more realistic is probably April-May," he said in an email. "We plan on getting licensed on a small-scale pilot brewery and then financing additional capacity by the end of 2013."

Aurochs (named for cattle's burly, prehistoric ancestors) hasn't yet been able to sell beer, but it has brewed some and served it, including its Buck Wild White Ale, brewed with quinoa and millet. Mr. Bove and co-founder Doug Foster use gluten-free grains because both cannot tolerate gluten.

But Mr. Bove notes that most of their taste-testing has been on non-gluten-free consumers and "I think it's a beer that can be enjoyed whether or not you have an allergy or celiac disease."

The company's website is

The Steel City Big Pour, which had been scheduled for Sept. 14, has been moved to Sept. 7 because the 14th is Yom Kippur (

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