America's tyrants

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Amazing, isn't it? Just a few short weeks ago, the Republicans were busy denouncing the regime of Bashar Assad. How terrible, they reasoned, it must be for the Syrian people to live under his dictatorship. Imagine, one man, and a handful of his followers, deciding the fate of that whole country. Such shame!

Oh, wait, isn't that rather similar to what is now happening right here in the most "democratic" country in the world? A handful of "followers," beginning with House Speaker John Boehner, are caving into the demands of freshman Sen. Ted Cruz. Even the most respected, senior Republican Party officials recently admitted to being bullied by this egomaniac, who doesn't even care about the harm being done to America and its citizens.

How ridiculous and hypocritical we must appear to the world as they observe this folly we call our "government." It seems almost surreal that this chaos was brought about by a very small minority that overwhelmingly lost the last two elections! They are blindly following a Canadian-born, egocentric fool.

May I suggest, before we go attempting to rid the world of any more dictators, that we first purge our own country of these power-hunger tyrants? And, while we're at it, let's also get rid of those spineless politicians who do not possess the backbone it takes to stand up to Mr. Cruz and his ilk. They are lacking the courage needed to do what is best for the whole country.

Cecelia Beggs


First Published October 7, 2013 8:00 PM


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