Reaching for rights

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This letter is in response to Barbara Mazzella's Sept. 12 letter ("Laws Being Ignored"). So she really thinks a demonstration at Chick-fil-A means, "The people have spoken." They all can stand for days, 10-by-10, in protest of gay marriage. I drove there after work that same day, with my rainbow flag in hand, but found no one to greet me.

Yes, indeed, we are a land by the people, as Ms. Mazzella stated. We are also a land of people, all people, including gay people who want the same freedom and equal rights that she has. They just want to get married and live with their partner with the same rights that are given when two people marry. Is that asking so much?

She is right that our democracy is a "nation governed by who yells and stomps their feet the most." If it were not for people like this, we would still be a slave nation and blacks would still have to sit in the back of the bus. Injustice was recognized.

Thank God the people who face this injustice will also be heard; sometimes it takes time, tears and a whole lot of loud cheering for what is right, equality under the law. It's been a long, hard climb for the gay community and they will also be treated like any American, with the same rights as others because these people have spoken.




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