Rothfus has health care, so why shouldn't I?

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I am one of U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus' constituents, and I would like to ask him about his stand on Obamacare.

I was laid off twice during the Great Recession and, after about a half-year of unemployment, I am happy to say that I finally have a good job again. In this job, however, I have no benefits. When my COBRA expires, without Obamacare, I will have no health care at all.

Mr. Rothfus cannot say I have no benefits because I could get them from my husband; I am single. He cannot say it is because I only work part-time; I work 40-plus hours a week. He cannot say it is because the company I work for is too small; it is a global company. He cannot say it is because I don't have enough education; I have a Ph.D. from MIT. He cannot say it is because I am lazy or afraid of hard work; during the Great Recession I've worked multiple part-time jobs, and I did yard work at $10 an hour.

So, Mr. Rothfus, could you please explain to me, clearly and simply, so that I can understand: Why do you deserve to have health care and I don't?

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