Borrowing to pay the nation's bills is not rational

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When I listen to President Barack Obama, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and other prominent Democrats say that we need to raise the debt ceiling just so we can "pay our bills, nothing more," I wonder if they're even rational.

The U.S. government currently owes $17 trillion (and climbing fast).

To use a household example: It would be like me saying I have 17 credit cards all maxed out with $10,000 balances, and I just need three more ... so I can pay my bills.

The credit card companies are being "obstructionist" (GOP analogy) because they won't give me three more cards?

And, please, don't reply that the solution to the debt is to tax "the rich." If we confiscated all the assets of the wealthy at a rate of 100 percent, it wouldn't come close to paying off the debt, and then you'd have nothing left to tax.

I think all that dope the president smoked in his youth (look up "the Choom Gang") is affecting his thinking.




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