Politicians value their careers over people's lives

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Due to handguns, high-powered rifles and multi-magazine cartridges in the possession of political radicals and mentally unstable individuals, theaters, schools, shopping malls and now a naval installation have become the scenes of carnage. When will it stop?

What will it take for Congress to enact some type of gun legislation? Do you think maybe if one of the victims were related to one of the House or Senate members, something would get passed, at least background checks? Or what if one of the victims were related to the National Rifle Association czar Wayne LaPierre? Would he and the gun manufacturers stop funding political campaigns with millions of dollars that apparently keep this madness alive and well?

Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner (and others in Congress) pathetically fear being beaten in primaries by the big money influences of the NRA and other political groups. They and other elected officials should be ashamed for not having the backbone to do the right thing in an effort to protect the electorate. Apparently, their own personal desire to be re-elected is more important than passing worthwhile legislation in an attempt to end the carnage.




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