Speeding cyclists

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My husband was running on Heritage Trail in South Side Works on Aug. 25. He was hit by a speeding biker, thrown airborne and taken away via ambulance. He has a significant shoulder injury. The biker never called him to inquire how he is doing. My husband, of course, does not have his name or number.

The experienced bikers on this trail often do not give warning they are coming. As a skater, I am constantly looking ahead, anticipating moves and giving warning, "to your left." Why are so many bikers not doing this?

Bikers speak loudly about their safety with cars coming too close to them. What about the safety of the elderly, walkers, runners, babies in strollers who are on trails with these speeding maniacs who give no warning of their approach?

The majority of the bikers on trails do not follow the rules for safety. If they want to bike like those in the Tour de France, then go on the highways or follow trail rules.




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