Rein in higher-ed costs by ending the federal role

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Regarding your editorial "Starting Point" (Aug. 26), which outlined President Barack Obama's initiative to lower the cost of college education for the poor and middle class: If the president really wants to achieve this objective, he would persuade Congress to end Washington's role in higher education altogether.

In 1961, when I started taking college courses to improve my opportunities for advancement as a low-paid federal employee in Dayton, Ohio, I paid for them with my own meager earnings. It was a struggle, but a manageable one, because the cost was relatively low. Tens of millions of other young Americans did the same thing.

This paradigm put very little economic pressure on the student and none on the federal taxpayers. Unfortunately, the federal government decided to fix that which was not broken. Now, graduates are overburdened with debt and the taxpayers are responsible for unpaid debts, approaching a trillion dollars.

President Obama, if you want to lower the cost of higher education, tear down that Washington connection!

Hill District



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