For fair trade

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I hear elected officials talk all the time about how much they love "Made in America." So I'm shocked that Congress hasn't really done anything to promote it. For starters, they should pass a bill that deters countries like China and Japan from cheating by manipulating their currencies.

America needs to respond when countries cheat at trade. Currency manipulation creates a hidden tax on American manufacturers trying to export, and an uneven playing field for those who compete with imports.

The results are layoffs, a rising trade deficit and closed factories. The recovery in manufacturing has completely sputtered out!

Rep. Mike Kelly has stepped up for Pennsylvania's manufacturers and defended a true free market in the past. I hope he will do it now by co-sponsoring HR 1276, the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act.

We need to defend our jobs by stopping other countries from cheating at trade. Rep. Kelly, show us you really do love "Made in America" and support this bill!

Field Coordinator
Alliance for American Manufacturing



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