Unfair negativity against Catholicism

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Regarding Peter McDonough's July 28 Forum article ("The Pope's Real Mission: Can He Reform the Church Without Having It Unravel?"): My first response was one of extreme anger but then realized this man is either an extremely ignorant Catholic or just one who enjoys attacking the Catholic Church (again like the rest).

I wish to refute this article by showing all the words used to tear at and make fun of the Catholic Church. I am sick of this and want to defend the church and point out that it has existed for 2,000 years. Can any other faith say that and why is this? Maybe some soul-searching is in order.

Words used in the article are: inertia, puzzle, novelty, curious, frills, cleaning up the Augean stables, comic-opera ineptness and skullduggery, archaic, shaky ground, mythos and crashing down. All of these are negative and used to attack. Would you, Mr. McDonough, like these words used to describe or attack your mother? Maybe you should try going to anger management therapy.

He also describes one of the most-loved popes, John Paul II, as an autocratic Pole. I would like to see some proof of this statement myself. He welcomed all as a father and was one of the main reasons the Berlin Wall fell, due to his faith and courage in speaking out.

Maybe Mr. McDonough is unraveling in his thoughts -- and not our Pope Francis, whom all love and respect regardless of faith or no faith. Mr. McDonough, look inward next time.




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