Real voter fraud

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Ever since Pennsylvania's voter ID law was introduced, Democrats have been saying voter fraud is not a problem and the law is unnecessary. After reading about the case of voter fraud in Cincinnati, I must say that I strongly disagree! A Democratic poll worker used her knowledge of the polls to vote multiple times in several past elections. In July, she was convicted of multiple counts of voter impersonation and sentenced to five years in prison. If something like this is happening in our neighboring state, what makes Pennsylvania Democrats think it isn't happening here, or couldn't happen here?

These days, a person needs a photo ID to do almost everything, including driving, cashing a check, buying cough syrup and cold medicine, picking up prescriptions and, in some instances, even entering a government building. Being asked to show an ID before voting is common sense. It's an easy step and a safeguard that will keep American elections free and fair.

I strongly support Pennsylvania's voter ID law, but more importantly, I support the foundation of American democracy that calls for fair elections!




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