Power is to be used

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Just like most Pennsylvanians, I do not live in a cave and could not help but notice the big stir created by the Internal Revenue Service supposedly singling out Tea Party organizations for extra scrutiny and auditing. This begs the question: What is power? To whom and for what reasons is power delegated to certain persons of authority for the purpose of exercising it?

If the IRS has been given this power, why should it not exercise it as it sees fit? It seems to me the ultimate hypocrisy is to give power to a certain individual or organization and then begrudge it the exercising of it.

Power has been around from the dawn of civilization and has always been used by those who have it. In short, it is what it is. I would say to Republicans and Democrats alike that they should move on to more important issues.

One only need look at the state of political affairs in Pennsylvania, the United States as a whole and the entire world to realize that power, once attained, is not so easily throttled. Those who attain power should not be accused of abusing it merely by exercising it. Grow up, America.

New Kensington



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