Harmful words

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Ann Rodgers' June 23 article "Christian Leaders' Views Vary on Gay Marriage" was interesting and informative. The Pennsylvania Pastors Network has suggested that gay couples who might move into one's neighborhood should not be "shunned" but they should not be "endorsed" because of their "condition." That strikes me, as one half of a gay couple, as both homophobic and disappointing.

Archbishop Robert Duncan of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh is still fearful of married gay couples destroying the foundation of human society. Archbishop Duncan also thinks homosexuality is a "temptation" to be resisted. His words about "addiction" and "fallenness" are disturbing. Wesley Hill of Trinity School in Ambridge believes that some people are indeed born gay -- as a punishment for an original "rebellion" against God, and Rev. Dave Thompson, an evangelical, believes some of us have "inherited" homosexuality ... maybe from my great-great uncle who was a "confirmed bachelor"? Bishop David Zubik of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh sounds the most reasonable in his quotes, at least for this article, saying gay couples should be welcomed.

Thank God the group Exodus has shut down -- after 40 years of trying to change sexual orientation. It caused immeasurable harm with its twisted therapy and illogical assumptions. The next step toward mental health would be for the people in influential positions to realize how much harm they do with their words -- not to healthy gay adults, but to all the young people who are just beginning to realize their sexual orientation and find they're in line to be bullied in their schools, taught that they are "flawed" by their pastors and told they have a "condition" that might have to be tolerated. They are told they will never be "endorsed" or seen as equal -- at least not by the adults mentioned in Sunday's paper.




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