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Tens of thousands of people descended upon the North Shore for the Kenny Chesney concert June 22. The parking lots opened at 10 a.m. and they began to fill up quickly, which I believe was the first in a series of mistakes that led to numerous incidents of public intoxication, fights and disorderly conduct and corresponding arrests and citations. The aftermath left tons of trash littering the areas surrounding Heinz Field.

When promoters and facilities encourage people to come down and start tailgating seven hours before the opening act takes the stage, they endorse the type of behavior that ensued. I'm sure the majority of people in attendance were well behaved, but it wasn't a small minority of people who trashed the lots along the North Shore. The piles of trash that accumulated were the result of thousands of ignorant patrons. I deliberately use the word "ignorant" because it means uneducated or unsophisticated. So let me do my part to try to educate those attending the next show.

To Alco and other parking lot facilities:

• Don't open the gates seven hours before the show begins;

• You can't have enough trash bins, so when people enter the lots, give them two trash bags -- one for trash and one for recyclables.

To patrons and partiers: Use the bags provided.

To Pittsburgh police: How about issuing citations for littering?

Let's see if we can learn from this embarrassment and have better results next time.

Baldwin Borough



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