Earn cycling respect

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In response to Nicholas Dobratz's June 16 letter ("Cyclists Have as Much Right to the Road as Motorists") on the ongoing bike-car wars, I would like to point out that along with rights goes responsibility. That responsibility is obeying the same traffic laws that cars are obliged to follow, specifically stopping at red lights and stop signs.

While bicycling and driving, I see the majority of cyclists not obeying traffic laws. If cyclists want to ride on the road (I prefer the beautiful trails that many people have worked hard to provide for us) and earn the respect (yes, respect must be earned) and consideration of drivers, more of them need to obey the same laws drivers do. They should also be stopped by police and ticketed for traffic violations. Note to trail riders: There are stop signs on many trails and I have been almost run over by fellow cyclists when I stop at them and those behind me do not.

Mr. Dobratz does make a good point that cycling reduces pollution and wear on road surfaces.




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