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I think Ruth Ann Dailey is a well-intentioned, kind-spirited woman. I enjoy her cute crossword puzzles, but I almost always disagree with her convoluted opinions. She sometimes makes solid points, and then loses me with a remark about the leftist media -- the same media that is paying her to be a conservative pundit.

In her June 17 column ("Average Citizen Sees D.C. Mess Clearly") she condemns the Obama administration for intervening in Syria's civil war, while it is Sen. John McCain and Condoleezza Rice who are beating the war drums the loudest. She complains about the National Security Agency's data mining program, but, like most conservatives, defended President Bush's surveillance programs. And the truth is, the Internal Revenue Service needs to review the tax-free status of some Tea Party groups.

Ms. Dailey needs to spend at least as much time researching facts for her column as she does for her crossword puzzles.

Forest Hills



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