Disturbing protest

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At the intersection of Browns Hill Road and Beechwood Boulevard on a recent Thursday morning commute to Downtown Pittsburgh, I almost threw up my coffee. At all four corners of the intersection stood pro-life advocates holding up gruesome signs of partially aborted babies. Lovely!

Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for taking a stand on your beliefs. But I wish someone would explain to me how people who advocate saving and helping the innocent find it OK to publicly display photos that my innocent 7-year-old could have been subjected to seeing?

I monitor her television, movies, music and what she reads. Now I have to monitor where I drive in the city because there may be inappropriate pictures displayed by fanatical religious groups? I am a Catholic. I am raising my daughter Catholic. And someday, I will teach her the beliefs of our church when it comes to abortion. But, in the meantime, can we please allow the innocence of children to remain as long as possible?

We talk about how violence is destroying our youth. This is not helping!

West Mifflin



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