Turn around schools that perform poorly

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Regarding Eleanor Chute's June 9 article "Magnet Schools in Pittsburgh Lose Their Racial Balance: Choice Now Drives the City's Program":

Ms. Chute notes, "While magnet schools in Pittsburgh Public Schools historically ensured racial balance, city magnet schools now operate as schools of choice without any guarantees or deliberate measures racially balancing them.

This article has striking similarities to one penned by Bill Toland ("Poorer Care for the Poor," June 7), reporting on a study authored by Dr. Justin B. Dimick seeking to explain why black and Hispanic populations receive lesser-quality health care at minority serving hospitals than do whites. Dr. Dimick points out that whites in these hospitals do just as poorly as blacks -- and there's good data to suggest that the systems and surgeons are of higher quality at nonminority serving hospitals. Various other studies bear this out.

Poor performing schools are the reason why "choice now drives the city's program." It's also why parents send their children not to public schools but to charter schools like Propel or Urban Pathways.

The solution for poor performing schools is the same as for poor performing hospitals: turn around the poor performing schools.

Every child deserves and should receive a quality education regardless of the racial makeup of the school.

Baldwin Borough

The writer is assistant professor of public health and health services at Point Park University.



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