Security theater

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With their new TSA-inspired security measures, the Pirates have found a solution to the problem of too many fans coming to the ballpark. According to director of communications Brian Warecki, "fans will trade a little bit of convenience for safety." First of all, wanding every fan is not a minor inconvenience; it is invasive, time-wasting and sure to drive up ticket prices.

Second, PNC Park was already as safe a place as any, never having been nor likely to be the target of any sort of violent act. Driving or busing to the game carries a vastly greater risk than attending it.

Third, security theater will not make fans any safer; someone intent on carrying out an attack can simply target the long queues that will now be forming at the gates.

Mr. Warecki, I reject your trade; as long as these cowardly and completely unnecessary policies are in place, I will not attend another Pirates game. I urge other fans to do the same.

Squirrel Hill



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