Cyclists and roads

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I am writing about the bicyclists who are always crying about their right to be on the roads. I would just like to point out a few things. All motorized vehicles have every right to be on the roads because we pay for that right. Bicyclists pay not one penny to be on the roads. If they want to demand the right to share the roads, then they need to start paying their fair share.

They should have to have a bicycle license, have bicycle insurance, have bicycle registration and get their bicycles inspected once a year.

And since they do not use gas, then impose upon these bicyclists some type of road tax, say on a yearly basis. Most all motorized vehicles must use gas and therefore must pay the already outrageous gas tax imposed upon us by the state of Pennsylvania, and if Gov. Tom Corbett has his way, the cap will come off the gas tax and who knows how much a gallon of gas will cost then! There is also discussion on raising the license and registration fees.

These bicyclists do not have the right to be on the roads until and unless they start paying their fair share to be on them.

ghton Heights



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