Mixing the sexes in the military was a recipe for misconduct

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Having read the coverage pertaining to sexual misconduct in the military in the Post-Gazette, I cannot help but wonder: What did they expect might happen when they began integrating the opposite sex within the confines of the military?

Being in the military is not about proving equality or establishing that women can do anything that men can do. Members of either sex who believe one or the other is superior are petty and fighting a moot point that will never be worth the time.

I have a younger sister who is a natural marksman with a pistol. She cannot make coffee as well as I. What does either task say about superiority?

For whatever reason, we have placed women in our military colleges, on war ships and in fox holes with young men. Being away from home and loved ones tends to make all of us vulnerable to temptation, and because of natural drives that rely upon sexual union to satisfy natural instinct, we have created a perfect recipe for the type of conduct for which Congress is berating the top officers of various military branches.

This is akin to allowing Sylvester the cat into the cage with Tweety and then becoming angry with Sylvester when Tweety is no more.

People keep turning to Congress to fix problems that Congress has helped to create. What's wrong with this society?




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