Misleading report

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Your story "Western Psych Mass Shooting Settlement Unraveled" published on May 31 was slanted and extremely misleading. The headline, subhead and two dozen initial paragraphs led the reader to believe UPMC was somehow withholding the settlement money from the shooting victim's family. Only after reading past the 25th paragraph of the 31-paragraph story did we learn that the family did not sign the settlement papers out of fear of not being able to sue more entities for more money.

Anyone who does not put in the time to read the bottom paragraphs will get a sense that UPMC is once again the bad guy. "Gotcha" journalism exposes big organizations frequently and correctly. I have no dog in this fight, but this story structure slanted this news item so blatantly to imply unfounded fault by UPMC that I could not let it pass.

You owe it to your readers to employ some basic editing skills and put both sides of the story up front, so that the casual reader will get the whole picture and not just the angle that is more sexy.

Shame on you.

North Versailles



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