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Your April 29 editorial "Abortion Mischief" complains about Pennsylvania lawmakers finding new ways to interfere with a woman's right to choose a "safe, legal abortion." You would have one believe we are talking about preventing a simple medical procedure, like removing a wart.

We are talking about taking the life of a human being, which science establishes begins at conception. Making it more difficult to stop the life of an unborn human being under any condition is well worthwhile, and not just an attempt to subvert a woman's right to choose abortion because she doesn't have the proper insurance to pay for the abortion. You are subverting the absolute right of any child to be born after conception.

There are plenty of medications available for women to use to prevent conception and they don't require expensive medical insurance policies. Saving a life triumphs over your inference that women's rights are being subverted.

Beaver Falls



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