Sequester politics

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President Barack Obama is playing politics with the lives of the American people. He is using the sequester, which I might add was his idea, as a political football when we need solutions. We have seen cutting White House tours, which primarily affect out-of-town tourists, special guests and, most important, schoolchildren. The administration also made furloughing of Federal Aviation Administration staff at our nation's airports a priority. The president is purposefully going after and cutting programs that have the greatest impact on American citizens.

Despite having to cut White House tours, there is enough money in the budget to host star-studded concerts at the White House. Instead of examining wasteful spending at the FAA, the Obama administration immediately goes for creating hours of delays. It's blatantly partisan politics and it's time that the president was called on it. I am glad our Republicans in Congress put an end to it fast.

Beaver Falls



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