Have-nots' anxiety

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I would like to thank Bob Uhriniak for his commentary about the poor and working poor ("Working Hard, Getting Poorer," April 5 Perspectives). It hit home for me and it was as though he was describing my and millions of others' lives to a tee. Best article in years!

We in the $35,000 and lower income bracket have long had very few advocates who speak of the tremendous stress to make ends meet. He breaks it down, with even the expenses that few ever realize, such as dental and eye care. When I read it, I immediately said, "This guy really understands and gets it." Thank you again, Mr. Uhriniak, for shedding the spotlight on our "high levels of anxiety."

It makes my "head explode" every time I read or hear a politician (usually a right-wing Republican) write or say that folks in our income bracket ($35,000 and below) have to sacrifice more for the good of country. They really are asking to get "blood out of a stone." God help us have-nots.



First Published May 9, 2013 7:00 PM


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