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In his April 21 column "The Media Ignore Facts About Guns," Jack Kelly accuses the liberal media of ignoring facts, yet he misuses and misdirects facts for his own views on gun control. Mr. Kelly leads us to believe that police oppose bans on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines based on an Internet survey. It claims that a majority of officers responded that the assault/magazine ban would have little impact on violent crime. It is true that most rapes, robberies and even murders are not committed by people toting assault rifles. But it is not true that police are against limiting assault weapons and other guns as Mr. Kelly hints.

One of the statistics cited by Mr. Kelly has me completely baffled. He said that 20.5 percent of the officers in the survey said that an assault weapons ban "would make crime worse." How? Do homeowners and businesses have readily available assault weapons to deter crime? Apparently the remaining 80 percent did not share this view, a fact that Mr. Kelly ignores.

Mr. Kelly further attempts to obfuscate his facts by mentioning deaths in Benghazi and abortion clinics, which have nothing to do with gun legislation. In addition, he cites Sandy Hook for his argument. I agree that some of the legislation would not apply to this tragedy. But Sandy Hook was a wake-up call for a comprehensive look at gun control, not just this incident. It seems that Mr. Kelly is willing to use only the facts he wants to thwart any meaningful gun control legislation.




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