Mountaintop peril

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In a time where basic human rights seem once again to be missing from our advanced society, those who are able to speak out against such injustices must do so.

Our brothers and sisters in Appalachia are facing destruction at the merciless hands of big money, mountaintop coal removal companies.

Those living in Appalachia are at greater risk of contracting devastating health issues such as birth defects, cancer and chronic heart, lung and kidney diseases because of the harmful effects of mountaintop coal removal. Is the extraction of a limited resource really more important than the preservation of our own people?

The proposed Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act, if passed, will place a moratorium on permitting mountaintop removal coal mining until health studies are conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The support of this U.S. House bill by our congressional representatives is imperative to the livelihood of our fellow Americans who are treated as if they don't deserve their basic civil rights solely because of where they call home.

Squirrel Hill



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