Truth on Paterno

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In his March 23 letter "Give Up Paterno" Stephen Arch uses an insulting acronym (SLOP -- Single-minded Lions Obsessed with Paterno) in an effort to depict anyone who questions the accuracy of the Freeh report as delusional and fighting for a "cause that cannot prevail." Wrong! All we want is the truth, regardless of where it leads and whether it clears or further tarnishes the reputations of Coach Paterno, former Penn State President Graham Spanier and administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.

Mr. Arch states that his research shows Mr. Freeh had no pre-conceived, anti-Paterno agenda. My research shows that while Mr. Freeh may be held in high esteem in some circles, his tenure as director of the FBI was not without controversy and error. He is clearly not infallible.

My question to Mr. Arch, the Penn State board of trustees, the NCAA and the media is simple: How many of you have even read the Freeh report, not just the executive summary, let alone subjected it to even the most superficial of peer reviews?

Elizabeth Township



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