Union bashing

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In the "Cutting Edge" on March 24, Bram Reichbaum of The Pittsburgh Comet was quoted commenting on the attacks on the corporate health establishment and a statement from UPMC spokesman Paul Wood that referred to "partisan politics and blatant union pandering" by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

In these comments, why are the unions demonized? The cavemen united to kill the lion. Ancient Greeks united to protect each other. The colonies united to save themselves from themselves. United we stand, divided we fall. Corporate America united in the Chamber of Commerce and various trade group and lobbying political action committees.

Throughout history, peoples have united to advance the common good. Yet somehow through constant media messaging, if workers unite to advance their common good they are immediately demonized. As Paul Wood of UPMC demonstrated in his statement, corporate America will not pass up any chance to bash unions.

Unfortunately, the average American buys into this constant anti-union bashing. Why? UPMC is trying to explain why they rip the people off for billions of dollars. Their answer is that the average person doesn't understand the problems involved and they expect too much, and by the way, don't forget those evil unions.

Braddock Hills



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