Give up Paterno

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To all members of SLOP (Single-minded Lions Obsessed with Paterno): We beg you. STOP. You continue to fight for a cause that cannot prevail. Stop the nonsense and move on with your lives. You are doing the same thing that Penn State officials, including Paterno, did for years by dragging out the crime which should have been stopped immediately. Why don't you use all of your excess energy in fighting for the rights of abuse victims? At least the Catholic Church hierarchy has realized this sin and is trying to stop this ugly crime.

You are trying to rewrite history. You are reacting -- actually overreacting. According to my research, Louis Freeh had no anti-Paterno agenda going into his investigation. He just found and stated the obvious, which you refuse to do.

Now it is your turn to think of the innocent children who are suffering now. Stop running around in circles and wasting time arguing for Joe Paterno.

People who love Paterno will continue to love him for any reason; people who are not so enamored with him will continue to believe he knew and did nothing. Realize this and move on. Yes, it's all right to continue to love a man who treated you all like a father, but you can still admit to his frailties. Please, again, for the sake of all of the sufferers of child abuse, stop keeping this story in the papers. You have no idea what constant reminders of abuse does for all victims. Support Coach Bill O'Brien and the student/athletes playing now.




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