Obama is failing to compromise on entitlements

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David Turner ("Congress Must Be Willing to Compromise," March 6 letters) states he supports a "balanced" approach to solving the budget crisis and that the Republican Congress should "quit blaming the other guy." Yet his entire letter is just that, blaming the other guy. I'm all for compromise, but President Barack Obama has made absolutely no real proposals on the most important cause of the crisis: entitlement reforms.

If the president is insistent on asking for more in tax revenue from more wealthy Americans, which I've no objection to apart from the dent it puts into the national debt is minuscule, then it's also time to ask wealthier retirees to take a cut in Social Security disbursements. The age for receiving benefits also should increase. Americans are living a lot longer than they were when the program was implemented decades ago, and most Social Security recipients have received more than they've put in, so let's not try to pretend that it's not fair. The very same is true with Medicare, and similar protocols need to be implemented. And please don't cry wolf; these programs can still be intact for those who truly need them without mortgaging the future of the younger workers who are now paying for them.

If President Obama had made any real attempts at entitlement reform, then perhaps Congress would be more willing to compromise. Anyone failing to see this needs to realize just how little compromising the president and Democratic Senate have done themselves.




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