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A note of thanks regarding Dave Barkovich's letter expressing his great concern that some PG readers believe that Reg Henry's columns may be mistaken for actual facts ("Beware of Humor," March 1). Had I not read this letter, I may have gone on believing that every word written by Mr. Henry is fact and not satire.

Although I was once skeptical, Mr. Henry's Feb. 27 column ("A Sequestration Only a Sasquatch Can Love") not only clearly laid out the actual facts of sequestration but also convinced me that there truly are sasquatches in the world (although, I had watched "Harry and the Hendersons" a few weeks ago and if that doesn't prove that sasquatches live among us, I don't know what does).

But again, thanks, Mr. Barkovich, for your concern. I sure won't be reading Reg Henry's column anymore and mistaking his writings for reality. Now I'll just assume his tongue is planted firmly in his cheek. My blinders are off!




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