Congress must be willing to compromise

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Sequester makes no sense. I support a balanced approach to dealing with the debt situation. Tax simplification and spending reduction makes sense to me.

There are many areas of government that any fool can see need to be addressed in terms of cost reduction and loophole closing, but listening to the Republican comments in the Senate and House I am very disappointed if not shocked in the lack of responsibility taken by our elected senators and representatives. They act like it is not their job to correct these clearly identified problems. If not them, who?

What did we send them there to do, bicker? We sent them to run the country. To do that they have to compromise. They must be more reasonable. That is the way our government is supposed to work. That is the way it has always worked.

These dolts have taken hard positions and won't budge. It does no good if they get their way and the country, their ultimate responsibility, is damaged. These are supposed to be reasonable, educated leaders and problem solvers. That is what we expected them to be when we voted to send them to Washington. What happened to them when they entered the D.C. limits? Did they pass into the twilight zone? They seem to have lost all semblance of reasonability.

Quit blaming the other guy. Focus! Wake up and do what we sent you there to do or we will find someone who will.

Mt. Lebanon



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