A job for Congress

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This week, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey suggested that President Barack Obama be put in charge of determining the cuts required under the sequester ("As Sequester Nears, Toomey Offers Way Out," Feb. 27). That is not the president's job. The senators and representatives are responsible for the financial affairs of the country.

I have heard several senators remark that President Obama is acting like a king. If they feel that way, why would they want to relinquish financial control to the president?

The Senate and the House of Representatives were only in session 153 days (average 2.9 days per week) last year. That means they had 212 days to think about a responsible way to satisfy the sequester requirements.

It is time the senators and representatives stop being Republicans or Democrats and start accepting the responsibility of being Americans devoid of political ties.




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