Mourn, don't cheer

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Let my voice be heard loud and clear that Cathy Reifer of the board of directors at Planned Parenthood ("Planned Parenthood Is Determined to Overcome Obstacles," Feb. 4 letters) will never hear me say "Congratulations" on 40 years of murdering our most innocent of human beings! What is there to celebrate?

I have a question: How is it "compassionate" to poison or mutilate an unborn child in the womb and rip it from its mother's body? Norma McCorvey (Roe of Roe v. Wade) is ashamed at the part she played and now fights for the rights of the unborn to live. Those on the side of "choice" are cunning as the devil to betray women into shedding the blood of the innocents to make a buck.

If they are so concerned about "women's health," they should stop providing abortions and use those millions to truly help women who wish to prevent unwanted pregnancy by educating them to abstain, use birth control and help those with real issues like cancer. Many abortions performed are due to just plain recklessness!

Castle Shannon



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