GOP's sorry games

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In 2010 the Republicans came to power nationwide at most levels except the presidency promising jobs, jobs, jobs. Once there they never constructively addressed the issue, and God help you if you're a public employee (local, federal or national) because there is a huge target on your back.

The next order of business was unprecedented gerrymandering of the House and use of the filibuster to completely obstruct the process of governing in the Senate. At the state level the goal was to rig the voting process to "discourage" voting by likely Democratic voters.

The coup de grace then is to manufacture a series of wholly contrived political crises basically saying, "Do it our way or we'll destroy the economy" (debt ceiling, sequester, etc.). Essentially they care more about their political games than they do in actually addressing the pressing issues before us.

There used to be the principle of the "loyal opposition" where the party out of power advocated its positions while helping to govern, but no more. What a sad, disgusting legacy the current GOP is imposing on all of us and our democracy.

South Fayette



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