Republicans are subverting majority rule

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After reading the news of the Republican governor's and Legislature's attempts to alter laws around the Electoral College, it seems that Republicans are still just not getting it.

Admittedly I'm a Democrat and lean that way in most elections. However, I do believe that a two-party system keeps us honest and centered most of the time. I appreciate well-thought-out debate, free from personal attack, and try to sift through rhetoric financed by special interests to find the details and facts in order to reach an informed conclusion. That becomes more difficult each election, but I try.

This latest attempt by Republicans to try to ensure their victories, following a loss in the presidential election, even after the massive redistricting they engineered across the country, is just one more attempt to navigate around what the majority of Americans really want so that their agenda can be forced on Americans whether they voted for them or not.

Until the Republican Party ceases to act like big business and the ultra-wealthy by hiring armies of accountants and lawyers to find and manipulate every loophole or simply just change laws to manipulate or buy elections, they will never be seen as the party of the middle class.

The similarities between this kind of manipulation and the Lance Armstrong-like attitude that it's OK to manipulate the rules of the game in order to win are striking.




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