What Sandy pork?

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Would letter writer James McEleny of Export ("Rothfus Is Right!" Jan. 17), please be more specific? Exactly what pork was in the Sandy relief bill passed by the House of Representatives that U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus voted against? To my knowledge the "pork-laden" bill he referred to was proposed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and had no pork in it at all. So Mr. Rothfus voted solely against disaster relief to New York and New Jersey -- relief that has taken six times longer to get than some other major disasters.

The Senate bill did have disaster relief for fisheries in New York and New Jersey. This bill, I understand, also included some relief for other fisheries, in Alaska and the Gulf. I guess you could call the disaster relief for fisheries outside the Hurricane Sandy path "pork," but that was not the bill Mr. Rothfus voted against. He voted against a disaster relief bill that included money to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to the Community Development Block Grants program to repair houses, for insurance claims, money to repair the transit system, for small-business disaster loans, for the national highway system and some to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in New York and New Jersey.

Please, Mr. McEleny, explain to me exactly what is the "pork" in this bill that provides help to those who have lost their homes, businesses, churches, schools, roads, etc. due to Hurricane Sandy? Also please explain to me how a representative from southwestern Pennsylvania could vote against a region that holds so many wonderful memories for so many people who live here?




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