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I would like to echo the words of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas that "using the massacre of little children to advance a preexisting political agenda" is wrong morally and ethically. We all have been overwhelmed by these senseless tragedies but trying to legislate them away will not resolve the problem.

I would challenge the people of America to look in the mirror and ask, which is more important in your life, a bigger house, another SUV, or the guiding and nurturing of your children? One should make an ethical choice before bringing a child into the world. Parents should be accountable for the rearing of their children and not trust the raising and fostering of their children to others who may not instill or share the same values.

Once you take the vows of marriage, staying together as a family is not optional. A child needs both a mother and father in the home. You cannot throw away the basic family and hope for the best. Having a god and family can make a difference.

Some may conclude that this is stepping back in time. Well, if that's what it takes, take the step. God Bless America and all that our forefathers wanted it to stand for.




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