Pundits owe Hillary Clinton an apology

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This is to commend you for your Jan. 3 editorial "Benghazi Fever", in which you name some of the pundits who "wasted no time insinuating she [Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] was faking illness" to avoid testifying about Benghazi. Now that she has been hospitalized for a concussion-related blood clot, you state these pundits have the opportunity to set the record straight. Will they? Not likely.

No, Charles Krauthammer will not; nor the most "obnoxious" one, John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations, both men recognized for their intellect.

Efforts to destroy Hillary Clinton go back to the early '90's when as first lady, she was made to take a "perp walk" and testify before a grand jury on charges that amounted to nothing. Efforts to destroy Bill Clinton need no reminding.

Yet Secretary Clinton and President Clinton have prevailed. Bill Clinton's speech was the highlight of the 2012 Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton's past four years of flying interminable miles and hours spent should be praised. At this time of her departure from the State Department, pundits and people of good will should take the opportunity of her illness to wish her well and thank her for her indefatigable service to our country.

Thank you again for editorializing this gross injustice by members of the media.




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