Murphy's omission

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As I began to read the perspective of Rep. Tim Murphy, "Let Newtown Inspire Action" (Dec. 30 Forum), I wished for a sense of hopefulness. It did not come.

I wished for words from an elected U.S. representative who had finally thought carefully about the inconceivable act in Newtown, Conn., and would propose multiple approaches to curtail these seemingly unending acts of horror. It did not happen.

What I felt and continue to feel is anger, disappointment and almost disgust. How can anyone think, speak or write about the mass murders in our country of the past few years and not even mention the management of guns and ammunition?

Focusing on mental illness is also imperative. Yet not even mentioning the numbers and types of guns accessible to everyone is surely a shameful political behavior. Rep. Murphy tells us of his importance to one family as they struggled with illness. I ask Mr. Murphy to be as compassionate and as aware of the damage done to hundreds every day by mental illness and by gun laws that aren't working.

A problem-solving essay must surely consider every facet of a problem. I ask Rep. Murphy to not just "blame" mental illness.

Upper St. Clair



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