People have had class-based illusions about safety

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Tony Norman poses a good question in his Dec. 21 column ("Shootings Deserve Our Attention Every Day"). He brings up a question I have about why the killing of Kayla Peterson barely registered a flicker along with, sadly, the killings every day in our country in places like Chicago and Philadelphia, and we in the Pittsburgh area have our share of these violent killings.

My answer is because we have created two realities in the country. One is for the citizens who can afford to live in nice neighborhoods and gated communities or high-rises in New York City and who can send their kids to schools with other such kids.

The other reality is the places where wages have actually dropped along with opportunities over the past 10 years and a standard of living that has been crashing downward. These are the neighborhoods where gun violence is part of the picture, and it's these unfortunate young people who die this way.

What happened in Newtown, Conn., is tragic beyond imagination, but it broke down the illusion that as a country we can protect our young by creating two classes. We can't protect our young unless we protect all the young in the United States of America. We must value each and every life. We must do whatever it takes to do that.

Mr. Norman asks a good question,




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