Take comfort in the many acts of kindness

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It seems that since the news of the Newtown, Conn., massacre broke, the joy that usually accompanies this holiday season has been replaced with a sad reflection on the loss of so many innocent lives. These reflections have resulted in many acts of kindness, which are the true reason for the season. As a nation, that should give us some comfort.

I applaud the retailers who have considered it to be appropriate to place principle before profits and have withdrawn assault weapons from their shelves. Dick's Sporting Goods is one of those stores, and it is regrettable that some are attempting to organize a boycott against it for this principled stand. There is no guarantee in the Constitution to this type of weapon, and I hope that Dick's sees fit to remove these weapons permanently.

And while our wonderful Constitution gives our citizens the freedom to express their opinions with boycotts, I likewise will exercise my rights to stay out of any retailer that continues to easily provide these murderous weapons.

Baldwin Township



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