Designed to kill

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As a gun owner and hunter for more than 55 years, I have long opposed the sale or ownership of assault-style weapons and extended magazines. They have no legitimate purpose in field or forest and no one needs them for self-defense.

As a Vietnam veteran who has carried and fired an M-16 and have had an AK-47 fired at me, I know what these weapons are designed for and what they can do. The often-used and specious argument that the civilian models, such as the Bushmaster, are semi-auto rather than full auto, somehow making them less deadly, is ridiculous. Anyone can easily fire a 30-round magazine at better than one round per second with these semi-automatic man killers.

For the record, I am not a National Rifle Association member, never have been, and am diametrically opposed to virtually everything for which it stands. I know many other hunters who feel the same way. Finally, let me clearly state I am not afraid my government is going to take away my hunting rifles and shotguns.




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