Citizens, it's up to us to initiate gun control

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The PG finally has an editorial that I can agree with in "Dear Mr. President: We're Tired of Simply Hugging Our Children" (Dec. 16). We're tired of Washington's rhetoric on gun control -- shed tears and "forget about it" until next time.

We the people need to take control of this problem. We the people of the United States need to start with initiating petitions in our churches, schools, etc. for a referendum to ban all automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the state. In this regard, I propose the following petition:

1) All automatic and semi-automatic weapons shall be banned from private ownership in the state. The only exception would be approval on a case-for-case basis for the possession of one semi-automatic pistol for cases like an individual who carries large quantities of assets for business. In such a case, when granted, the individual shall be required to be certified in a course, provided by the state similar to the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training Program, subject to the same renewal criteria.

2) The individual must acknowledge that he or she could be held criminally liable if the weapon has not been properly protected or used other than in self-defense.

3) Individuals owning automatic or semi-automatic weapons will be given six months to either dispose of or to permanently neuter any automatic or semi-automatic weapons not certified per No. 1 above. Failure to comply will be subject to fine and/or imprisonment.

Let's finally do something not only to control the sale of such weapons but also to provide better assurance that the owners have the ethics, values and mental well-being to possess such weapons.




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