American views on Israel are changing

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I commend William Saletan for his Dec. 6 Perspectives column "Dear Israel: It's Time to Get Real" and the Post-Gazette for publishing it.

Though he was by no means soft on the Palestinians, he told the truth about Israel's growing occupation.

Israel may scoff at the United Nations vote of 138-9, with 41 abstentions, that accepted Palestine as a non-member observer state, but it dare not scoff at the changing mood in America, its last and only real ally.

The recent election has shown that Americans increasingly favor minorities, young people, gays, women and economic justice. Such sentiment can only tilt in favor of the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, Israel has squandered many years of good will given to it by the West after the Holocaust tragedy. As the World War II generation passes away, new generations will judge Israel by how it treats the Palestinians.

Israel needs to be reminded that America is a democracy. The mood of Americans will eventually become policy in the halls of Congress.

Israel's leadership ought to be terrified at the prospect of a new generation of Americans being as supportive as the United Nations is today. As Mr. Saletan wrote, Israel needs to stop insulting our intelligence and show that it is real about making peace with Palestinian people.

Beaver Falls



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