We need a nationwide election on elections

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I am 89 years old and have lived through many transitions in the government of this country. Never have I witnessed utter disregard for the citizens of this country as in the last four to eight years.

We as a country should do the following, either with a nationwide ballot or as an amendment to the Constitution:

a. Eliminate the electoral college, which both parties wanted to do at one time or another. A popular vote is more fair in this country today.

b. Set term limitation for both houses of Congress with two six-year terms for the Senate and six two-year terms for the House. The voting for the Congress could be staggered so that there would not be an entirely new Congress every two or six years.

c. The national election for president every four years should become a national holiday so all voters would realize the importance of the election.

I think the general public would be pleased to see the elected officials working for them, and not for re-election.

I do not know if you agree or disagree with the above, but it should be considered in one form or another.




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